Anchor Point Height Safety

We specialise in height safety systems, including roof top anchor point installation, testing, certification and re-certification. Correctly laid out anchor points should allow for access to all elevations of a building eliminating the need for costly and time consuming scaffolding, swing stages or BMU’s to complete building works or maintenance.

Meet Australian Standards through proven height safety system methods

We can provide the following services to ensure a building’s height safety system meets Australian Standards and provides adequate and safe access for rope technicians: NOTE: All anchor points need to be tested and certified annually:

  • Provide programmed/schedule testing and re-certification on existing height safety systems
  • Carry out onsite audits and reports on existing height safety systems
  • Inspect, test and certify existing height safety systems
  • Design and install height safety systems that meet the Australian standards and are tailored to individual building requirements and conditions
  • Anchor point installations, testing and certification
  • Eye bolt installations, testing and certification
  • Installation, testing and certification of track systems, static lines and inertia reels.

NOTE: All anchor points need to be tested and certified annually.

Our staff are qualified to install and certify height safety systems including anchor points in accordance with Australian Standards 4488-‘Industrial Rope Access Systems’ and 1891-‘Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices’, and 5532 Manufacturing Requirements for Single-Point Anchor Device used for Harness-Based Work at Height.