Commercial Glazing & Window Sealing

Magellan specialises in high rise glass replacement and installation services to high rise commercial, residential towers and industrial complexes in Sydney. Hi-Rise glass buildings are a common sight across Sydney and replacement and installation of glass panels can attract complexities and safety issues.

It is important to engage an expert when installing or replacing glass in a high rise building, as it requires specialist skills, knowledge, equipment and approvals. Magellan can assist with all your high rise glazing and window sealing requirements throughout the construction period or during regular maintenance schedules.

Our highly experienced and skilled technicians provide high quality, cost-effective glazing and window sealing services via rope access using specialist equipment like glass vacuum lifters.
We take care and use only the highest quality polyurethane sealants and primers ensuring long lasting results.

Contact Magellan to discuss all your high rise commercial glazing and sealing needs including:

  • Curtain walls
  • Window walls
  • Louvers and solar controls
  • Alpolic installations
  • Sunshades and sunscreens
  • Window treatments and restoration