High Rise Window Cleaning

Magellan leads the industry in high rise window and facade cleaning in Sydney. Having worked on some of Sydney’s most iconic high rise buildings over the last 20 years, our reputation is second to none when it comes to abseil window cleaning companies.

We service strata, commercial property and industrial sectors. Rope access is the most efficient and cost effective means for gaining access to external windows and facades including atriums and stadiums.

Our services include both low and high pressure washing for external facades and surfaces.

We also use specialist water purification systems (de-ionized water treatment) for streak free results, which require no chemicals or cleaning agents, resulting in both economic and environmental benefits.

Specialised Glass restoration techniques

High rise glass restoration requires specialist knowledge and techniques. Magellan has over 20 years experience with glass restoration on some of Sydney’s most iconic high rise buildings.

Magellan offers a cost effective range of state of the art glass treatments and protective technologies which can restore your glass to its original condition without the need for costly glass replacement.

Magellan’s highly skilled team can effectively remove stains and scratches from many types of glass surfaces including, graffiti and mineral build up (iron, calcium, lime scale) caused by minerals leaching from masonry surfaces.

Contact Magellan now for a discussion about your window and facade cleaning and glass restoration requirements.