Water leakages in high-rise buildings: avoid costly damage repairs

We know from experience that nothing is more detrimental to the condition of a high-rise building than water leakages. Even a relatively minor water leak can result in significant water damage and can be a very costly affair. It is either the primary source or a contributing factor for the majority of issues and defects […]

Working at Heights: Why Certification of Height Safety Systems Matters

Working at heights is prone to accidents and often results in serious injuries. At Magellan we understand the importance of height safety. Over the years we have successfully advised many of our clients about safety issues and using and installing the right height safety systems to ensure everyone can work safely. In this article we […]

Why preventive building maintenance is important

Preventive building maintenance can save businesses a lot of money, yet many building managers still choose to ignore it because they don’t see an immediate need for it. If you are not familiar with preventive building maintenance, it refers to routine maintenance that is an essential part of the on-going care of any building. With […]