Sign Installation & Billboards

Magellan specialises in difficult access signage installation, restoration and removal in Sydney and have extensive experience with large banners, billboards and delicate neon signs and corporate logos. Large billboards and high rise neon signs are a common sight across the Sydney skyline and the installation, removal and maintenance of these signs can attract complexities and safety issues.

It is important to engage an expert like Magellan when installing, replacing or maintaining large high rise signs, billboards and banners, as it requires specialist skills, knowledge, equipment and approvals. Magellan can assist with all your high rise signage requirements whether it be during the construction period, or through regular maintenance schedules.

Our highly experienced and skilled technicians provide high quality, cost-effective and safe methods via rope access using specialist equipment. We take care and use only the best trained personnel to perform complex assignments.

Contact Magellan to discuss all your high rise signage needs including installation, removal and repair of:

  • Advertising skins
  • Corporate Logos
  • LED and NEON signs
  • Building name signs
  • Difficult access promotional
  • Sail track systems
  • Billboards
  • Scaffold wraps
  • Building skins
  • Fabricated signs