Sustainability is at the heart of everything that Magellan stands for. Sustainability at Magellan means to operate our business in ways that delivery economic, social and environmental benefits for all our stakeholders. Our stakeholders are our clients, employees, industry representatives and the broader community.

Our sustainability commitments are:

Zero harm every day

  • making sure our people get home safely is the most important thing we do
  • we put safety before profit
  • we don’t cut corners
  • we empower our employees to stop work and take corrective action if they see a safety hazard

Cost effective, efficient and quality solutions for our clients

  • providing the best, cost effective and fastest solution is what we live for
  • we don’t compromise quality for profit
  • we balance cost and time against our client’s needs
  • we foster enduring business relationships

Reducing our environmental impact

  • we respect the environment and communities in which we operate
  • we don’t pollute our sites or waterways
  • we dispose and recycle our waste accordingly
  • we are taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint where ever we can

Rewarding careers

  • our people are the foundation of our success
  • we strategically select talented and qualified people
  • we invest in training and development
  • we continually search for ways to build on our capacity

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