Prominently positioned within the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Crows Nest, an old gem has been waiting to be revitalised.

Originally constructed in 1938, this beautiful building has been sitting in waiting, pollution from the busyness around it covering its once beautiful façade.

Magellan was asked to restore this majestic building back to its former glory.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the industry, the experienced team put together a plan to bring this old building back to life.

Applying a specialized solution to the brick surface and allowing it to penetrate the surface, before applying high pressure water to thoroughly rinse and refresh the façade.

An important step in this process was protecting the windows from this procedure. Protective plastic was carefully applied to each window and meticulously removed afterwards to ensure the ultimate finish was achieved.

 The end result was spectacular, with the quality of the original brickwork being revealed and accentuated.

To complete the building’s rejuvenation, a silicone seal was applied to windows to form a waterproof barrier, ensuring the longevity of this timeless building.

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