When your building needs concrete repairs or painting, it’s time to turn to the experts.  With over 20 years of experience, Magellan has the skills and experience to handle any situation.

Having recently completed a complete façade restoration, Magellan has the know how to get the job done.

Seeing the before and after photos reveals the immense scale of works required for this project, including the removal of over 400 litres of concrete, nearly 60m2 of render was patch repaired and over 150 lineal metres of sealant joints were replaced:

Remedial repair

  • Substrate cracks were filled and the surface finished and prepared for painting
  • Delaminated and drummy render was removed
  • Where concrete spalling was present, corroded steel reinforcement bars were treated with structural
    repair mortar containing corrosion inhibiting properties
  • A bonding coat was applied and render was reinstated
  • Suitable repair mortars were applied to reinstate surface finishes
  • New control joints were formed through repaired sections
  • Prepared all newly repaired sections for painting

Sealant and Control Joint Repair

  • All defective sealant was removed
  • Bonding surfaces were cleaned and primer applied for polyurethane joints.
  • Foam backing rod was installed
  • New polyurethane bead was applied to joint
  • All allowed to cure before painting

Façade Painting

Preparation and painting used a three coat membrane paint system which included the following methods:

  • Minor cracks were filled and area prepared for painting
  • Surfaces were cleaned prior to painting with water at 1500psi medium pressure
  • A primer or sealer coat was applied to repaired areas.
  • Dulux, Acra Tex – Acraprime Solvent based primer was applied to all surfaces to
    be painted
  • Two coats of Dulux Acra Tex – Acrashield were applied to match existing colour scheme
  • All Paint coatings were applied to Dulux specifications with brush and roller

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