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Time wearies all. This has never been more true than for a building’s facade.  Keeping up appearances and making a great first impression is so important to create that real wow factor.

A facade renovation can really transform a building’s appearance, and keep it looking fresh and in vogue.  But it’s important to note that painting a building isn’t always about refreshing the building’s appearance, it can also help protect the building against weather and age.

Magellan undertook an extensive full facade remediation project, including painting the entire external facade and render repair with an epoxy paint coating applied to the exposed steel feature balconies and handrails.  The entire process was undertaken via rope access, which allowed for greater flexibility reaching difficult areas.

Preparation is key.

  • Filling substrate cracks and surfaces
  • Full facade wash down with water at 1500psi medium pressure
  • Removal of all loose or flaking paint to provide a sound substrate for repainting
  • Remedial repairs including concrete spalling
  • Inspection of joint sealants and expansions, providing repair where necessary
  • Render repairs

Coatings when applied properly, will provide a water barrier for your building and along with modern applications can transform the look of a building with textures and colours.

There are many different types of coatings available and the right ones need to be selected for use in the right situations to achieve the benefits designed by their manufacturer and to make sure they last in providing protection for years into the future.

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