Magellan was recently tasked with installing a large banner for the iconic Australian fashion label Carla Zampatti.

This delicate job was completed via rope access, and involved lowering the large banner over the rooftop edge. The banner is meticulously pulled into position and aligned with the sail track.

Our experienced and highly skilled technicians make the overall process look seamless, making all necessary adjustments to provide a final flawless presentation ensuring there are no folds or imperfections visible.

The Prep Work

Team work was a must given the size of this impressive banner. Our technicians worked together to prepare the banner for installation and throughout all stages of the install.


The banner installation was a success and looks magnificent. Magellan has been changing the seasonal banner for 15 years.

It is always a pleasure to undertake works for such a remarkable Australian brand as Carla Zampatti.

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