IRATA is an internationally recognised rope access qualification to develop, test, and maintain competency.

What is IRATA’s Level 3 certification? Level 3 is the highest level of certification under the IRATA system for rope access technicians to work on site.

A Level 3 rope technician is very experienced with over 2000 hours of rope access time logged. They have extensive knowledge of advanced rope access rigging and rescue techniques.

Recently we chatted to Daniel Park, one of Magellan’s technicians qualified for Level 3 certification with IRATA.

Daniel has long held his Level 3 certification but recently underwent recertification, a process that is required every 3 years to remain certified. Daniel says that this is the 5th time he has sat a recertification course, after starting at Level 1 and working his way up to Level 3.

Daniel said his recertification comprised of a grueling four days of physical and theoretical training followed by one day of assessment. He tells us that the rescues in the assessment are designed to showcase your skills at rope access. Daniel was please to say he passed again this time, congratulations Daniel on your achievement!

With Daniel holding a Level 3 IRATA certification, he can supervise the Level 1 and 2 IRATA certified abseilers at Magellan with rope access while completing a range of works which include façade restoration and maintenance through to high rise window cleaning and much more.